CH 6

Finn’s POV

Pounding. That’s all I felt was pounding in by brain, the hangover was my only regret to last night’s actions. Hmm… Jack and I fell asleep here…I looked over and saw my twin passed out on the love seat across the living room, all cuddled up with a blanket. I was on the couch my hand reached out to a makeshift bed on the floor beside me…she slept on the floor? She should have taken my spot; I didn’t mean for her to be uncomfortable…my head kept pounding. I didn’t remember falling asleep last night, things got a bit hazy after Jack interrupted us. Damn you Jack. Aspirin and water were going to be my two best friends for the day. I looked around the room, but I couldn’t find her…it wasn’t until I smelt breakfast cooking in the kitchen I knew where she was. Wow, she seriously was an angel; not worrying about her hangover and still cooking Jack and I breakfast…. we seriously owed her big time. I realized all I had on was my t-shirt and a pair of boxers…uh when did I take my pants off? I frowned with confusion because I knew nothing of the naughty sorts happened…but I still had no clue where they went. I sneaked quietly into the kitchen; when I saw her, I couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing my jumper…and I think only my jumper. ..the sight send blood rushing down to my stomach, it was a huge turn on. Her long hair flowing down her back, as she flipped the pancakes at the stove. She had Pandora radio on, Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ was playing, she knew all the words and proudly sang along…it was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and her voice was so lovely. I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, which sent her flipping around towards me with her hand on her mouth as she let out a little yelp. “Finn! How long have you been standing there??” She stated with flaming red cheeks and embarrassed eyes. She quickly turned back to her task, running her fingers nervously through her hair. “Long enough. Good morning beautiful.” I walked over and wrapped my arms around her waist, resting my chin on her shoulder. I nuzzled my nose in her hair, it smelt like strawberries and I liked that. “You’re so sweet to be doing this, you didn’t have to you know…Jack and I could have made you a meal!” she gave a radiant smile and laughed, “No offense Finny, but I think I’d actually like my kitchen NOT to burn down at 10am.” She was facing me now, my arms still wrapped around her waist. I looked deep into that green abyss that were her eyes…I wanted her right then and there, I wanted to call her mine so no other guy could look at her the way I was at that moment. Suddenly her face went blank as she said to me “Why are you looking at me that way?” her voice quiet and small, almost inaudible. I shrugged my shoulders…should I tell her the marathon of my thoughts? What if she didn’t reciprocate? Would I embarrass myself? All I could do was stare and rub circles with my thumbs on her lower back…I decided I should wait…I didn’t want to scare this beautiful girl away. “Hello?? Earth to Finnegan?” she said with an eyebrow raised. Shit. How long was I talking to myself? “Uhm…you, you just have a lovely voice. That’s all.” I said with a half smile, she looked disappointed but faked back a smile. “Oh, thanks Finn. That’s sweet of you.” I let go as she turned around. Away from me; what the hell was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I do anything right with her? I ran my hand through my hair and grabbed a mug out of the cabinet, tea always helped clear my mind. I felt the tension build as we both stood silently in the kitchen, if the music wasn’t playing all you would hear was the pounding of our erratic heartbeats. Jack wandered in with impeccable timing as ever, a sleepy smile crossing his face. He crossed over and pecked my girl on the cheek which sent me clasping my mug a little bit tighter, “Morning gorgeous, morning Finny…. what’s for breakfast I’m absolutely starved!” The gleam in her bright eyes seemed duller since our interaction, almost a tinged look of pain. I hated myself, I knew I had done that to her. Bloody Idiot.

Rachel’s POV

I didn’t know what to say, or how to feel. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die from embarrassment at this point. He probably changed his mind about liking me, if he ever did like me… was I over shooting too much? Maybe all he wanted this whole time was a friend, and nothing more. I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration, the whole thing just made my brain hurt on top of my hangover. I was so angry, but I wasn’t sure if it was anger at myself for being so stupid or if I was just furious at Finn for leading me on like that. I had promised myself I wasn’t going to get hurt. Not again, never again. I was already done with this day and it just started. I quickly started cleaning up the kitchen as the boys were finishing their breakfast; I guess I didn’t realize just how loud I was slamming and throwing things. The twins shared a look and I could see Finn starting to become a bit uncomfortable as he scratched his head. “I think you guys should head out soon. I have a lot of stuff to do and I have to get Henry later and…” I said with slight irritation. Finn slid back in his chair and quickly got up on his feet. “Yeah, I get it. I’ll see you later then. Just could you wash my jumper before you return it?” That really sent me over the edge and I took it as him challenging me. He knew I was pissed by the look on my face. I smiled sweetly at Jack “Jack it was so nice to see you.” And turning to Finn I bit my tongue and tightened my jaw, like I always did in anger. I yanked the Jumper off my body revealing my black lace pushup bra and black cheeky underwear from victoria’s secret and threw the grey cotton at his head. A shocked look crossing both of their faces, I could see the twins eyeing every inch of my body (good thing I was in excellent shape) I placed my hands on my hips and spun around on my heals, marching towards my bedroom, “You can let yourself out.” I yelled.  

I fucking hate boys. I slammed the bedroom door behind me and let out a frustrated scream. I could feel the hot tears pooling down my face as I buried my face in my hands. Great. I’m not even here for a week and a guy is already affecting me this much. I needed a shower. I needed to forget, forget him. Forget these butterflies in my stomach. Forget his green eyes. Forget his smile. Forget everything about him. I tried to get up but all I could do was sit there like a stone, my body frozen, my breathing shallow. I could feel the panic building in my chest the tears falling harder. It felt like everything in my past that I tried to run away from followed me all the way here. I was not about to repeat an episode of the ghost of boyfriends past. A knock on the door was the only thing to pull me from my trance.


Jack’s POV

“What the bloody hell was that?” I used an accusing tone towards my twin. “What could you have possibly done in less that 24 hours to make her that pissed?” He just stood there silent, all he could do was look down at the jumper balled up in his hands. “I…I…don’t…I don’t know why I do this Jack….” I could see the pain in his eyes and that tugged at my heart, I hated seeing my twin like that. I had to fix it. “Finn talk to me, you know you can tell me anything…” I placed my hand on his shoulder and sat him down. I listened to Finn explain what happened in the kitchen and watched as he rubbed his temple and tried his best to sort his thoughts in order. He threw his head in his palms. “I fucked it all up Jack. I wanted to take things slow, I…I didn’t want her to think I was rushing it…I didn’t want to scare her away. But by not doing anything I ruined everything…” His voice cracked at the end, he was frustrated and upset, and he kept rubbing his eyes, as they got puffier. “Finny. You need to go up there and talk to her. I don’t care what you do, just FIX IT FINN! I cant loose you to yourself again. I cant loose my brother. I need you to be happy, YOU need to be happy. It isn’t healthy when you get like this okay? So just…just talk to her.” He sat quiet and then looked up giving a weak smile. “I love you mate.” I mussed up my twins hair and pulled him up into a hug “I love you too mate. Now go.” He sighed and walked towards the bedroom.

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